October 11, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. PT/4:00 p.m. ET
With all the political, economic, and social uncertainty going on in the world right now, your affluent clients are confused and concerned. They need more than just financial advice during this time—much more.
That said, in uncertain and volatile times like these, there are golden opportunities for intrepid advisors to win more—in the form of increased AUM, acquiring wealthier clients, and racing up the hierarchy of advisor success to the vaulted Level of Preeminence in the fastest time possible.
So, to become that Preeminent Advisor in your community—the top expert and authority the affluent in your area desperately want to work with right now—is more important than ever.

In less than an hour of your time, you’ll discover the exact steps to take you from where you are now to that coveted distinction of Preeminent Advisor.

In this webinar you’ll discover how to “show up” in a powerful new way that will convince the affluent you are the only logical choice for their trusted, “go-to” advisor.

In addition to this gold mine of information, I’ll also include a special bonus for you just for attending the webinar.


An exclusive Friends and Family invitation to attend our upcoming two-day virtual event, The Preeminent Advisor Summit: Commit to Lead. Play to Win., on October 19-20, 2022, as a VIP—without paying the VIP price.*
*The summit is designed to equip you to become a Preeminent Advisor in the fastest time possible. So, mark your calendar—you will only have until midnight of October 11, 2022 to take advantage of this promotion.
There’s never been a better time to be in this industry. And there’s never been a better time to commit. To go “all in” on your business—push all your chips onto the table—and really play to win.

All you need is a roadmap—a powerful, proven, step-by-step method to take you from wherever you are now up the Hierarchy of Distinction to the Level of Preeminence.

You’ll discover exactly how to do that with less effort and in the shortest time than you ever thought possible on the webinar.

Register below and join us on October 11, 2022 for Winning More: Become the Preeminent Financial Advisor in Your Community.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Your Hosts
John is the founder and CEO of CEG Worldwide, the world’s leading coaching firm for financial advisors. For nearly 20 years, Bowen and his team have had the privilege of coaching elite financial advisors on new ways to deliver groundbreaking wealth management solutions to their clients while building amazing lives of significance. Previously, he worked directly with affluent clients as a financial advisor for 26 years.
Chris and his team teach businesses how to integrate their origin story into everything their company does. He’s the creator of The Campfire Effect™ , which is a methodology designed to make your team, your partners, and your clients feel a true oneness and connection. The beautiful thing is that it was literally born in our industry as it came from Chris helping his former business partners merge two long-standing financial services firms in Arizona. They used it to create a brand and client experience that attracted clients to them. He’s helped everyone from startups and small businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies, clarify their story.
How do i register?
Because this webinar is extremely time-sensitive it will not be recorded, and so a playback recording will not be available. So, show up and prepare to accelerate your success even more!
This online session will be conducted over Zoom, the premier webinar platform. Follow these instructions to ensure a trouble-free experience:
  • You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a speaker or headphones.
  • ​Take a moment to test your Zoom connection here before the session.
  • ​You may be instructed to download the Zoom application. Please complete this step, before the 1 p.m. PT/ 4 p.m. ET start time to ensure you don’t miss anything, as we will be starting in a timely fashion.
  • ​If you need to dial into the session with your phone, please be sure to join the Zoom meeting room first and then have the system call you.
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