OCTOBER 19-20, 2022

Steve Young

Partner and co-founder of HGGC, leading private equity firm with $6.8 billion in cumulative capital commitments &
Pro Football Hall of Fame

Jay Abraham

CEO and founder
Abraham Group
Highest Paid Marketing Expert
& The $21.7 Billion Man
The greatest time to go all-in, to step into your full
power, to differentiate yourself as a leader is in uncertain times.

And that time is now.
OCTOBER 19-20, 2022

Steve Young

Partner and co-founder of HGGC, leading private equity firm with $6.8 billion in cumulative capital commitments &
Pro Football Hall of Fame

Jay Abraham

CEO and founder
Abraham Group
Highest Paid Marketing Expert
& The $21.7 Billion Man
The greatest time to go all-in, to step into your full power, to differentiate yourself as a leader is in uncertain times.

And that time is now
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We Are Living in Uncertain Times.
We Cannot Afford to Play Below Our Potential.

Advisors recognize the shift in our society. Social, economic, political, even day-to-day challenges and tensions are shrouding us in more uncertainty.

As a leader of your team and clients, you face three choices for how you want to show up in your arena of influence:

You can play not to lose.

Shrinking away from opportunities. Consistently falling short of your leadership potential. Simply hoping to survive whatever comes your way.

You can play to play.

Holding on to the status quo. Happy to be a part of the conversation, but forever letting greatness slip away in the comfort of not risking anything, ever.

Or…you can play to win.

The ones who play to win are leaders who recognize the times we live in and the tremendous opportunities to rise to the occasion. These are the ones who gain true preeminence.

The greatest time to go all in, to step into your full power, to differentiate yourself as a leader is in uncertain times.

And that time is now.
This Is Your Invitation to Wake Up, Get Up, and 
Step Up at The Preeminent Advisor Summit

What does it mean to be “preeminent”
as an advisor?

It means shaking off the status quo, grabbing leadership moments with confidence and being brave even in the face of uncertainty.

At CEG Worldwide and Financial Advisor Magazine, we believe the preeminent advisor is the future of financial services.

A leader who is willing to commit to lead and play to win.

The challenge is, far too many advisors are stuck playing too small or failing to lead at all.

In many cases, it’s a combination of both.

And in the wake of poor leadership and ineffective strategies is a vast array of team members, clients and loved ones craving the leadership you’re capable of.

Some of this may sound familiar to you.

This doesn’t mean you’re a failure—not at all. You’re simply not playing to your full potential…yet.

What if you could understand with clarity and confidence—in only a matter of days—exactly how to lead and win?
That is the full intention of
The Preeminent Advisor Summit: to show
you how to step out of the crowd and
gain prominence in your community.

Why You Need to Experience The
Preeminent Advisor Summit

Hi, I’m John Bowen, founder and CEO of CEG Worldwide. My team and I have coached thousands of the top advisors in the world for over 20 years now.

In tens of thousands of conversations with top advisors, we see a profound distinction.
Being an advisor and being a leader are not the same.
An advisor emphasizes technical expertise—the information side of what investors need to know.

But a leader focuses on the transformative power of their relationships and work.

A leader sees the future and understands the moment while still in the moment.

Advice informs, but leadership transforms.

For you as an advisor to step out from the crowd, you need to choose…

Do you want to be in the informing business or the transforming business?
As an industry, we are facing significant uncertainty worldwide.

Investor sentiment is a roller coaster. Social, economic, and political unrest is at a boiling point.

Advisors who lead during times of uncertainty are the ones best positioned to make a lasting impact. The world needs your leadership now more than ever.

Your team, your current (and prospective) clients and your loved ones are watching and waiting to see if you will step up in this moment.

The greatest time to push all the chips into the middle of the table, to bet on yourself, is when the future is a daunting question mark.

That’s why you’re reading this. You can sense the uneasiness and stress intensifying throughout our industry.

You can let this pressure crumble you—or you can leverage this moment to accelerate your leadership momentum.

The word preeminent perfectly captures that desire.

To lead with excellence and poise.

To show up with effervescent energy for every meeting, conversation and opportunity for your team, clients and prospective clients alike.

To reconnect with those closest to you in a fresh, fulfilling way.

That commitment is the heartbeat of what we do at CEG Worldwide.

And now, our team is ready to show you how to become that preeminent advisor in your community.

It all starts with The Preeminent Advisor Summit.

What You’re Going to Experience with
The Preeminent Advisor Summit

In only two days, we will walk you through three parts of our process for helping advisors like you commit to lead and play to win.

First, we must confront where you are underperforming.

You cannot change what you’re not willing to confront.

At The Preeminent Advisor Summit, you’ll know right away where your leadership and focus are underperforming—and how to step up and tackle this challenge in these uncertain times.

Second, we must clarify where there are opportunities for growth and greater impact.

With our joint venture partner, The Spectrem Group, our CEG Worldwide leadership team draws from over 40,000 interviews with advisors serving affluent clients.

With this treasure trove of information and insight, you’ll have a level of clarity that will sharpen your focus on the future.

With a clearly defined reality and a focus on the future, only then can you commit to lead and play to win.

“Your ability to enroll your people into a bigger vision of what is possible than they can see for themselves”—that is the definition of leadership, and these times call for you to challenge your team members and yourself more than ever and support each other like never before.

Are You Ready to Become the Preeminent
Advisor in Your Community?

Sign Up for The Preeminent Advisor Summit Today.

Your Speaker Lineup for
The Preeminent Advisor Summit


Chris Smith
Managing Principal of
Branding and Marketing
CEG Worldwide

As a managing principal of branding and marketing of CEG Worldwide, Chris believes that every advisor deserves to be seen as the preeminent advisor in their market.
He loves helping advisors discover how to create amazing lives of significance 

Evan Simonoff
& Editorial Director
Financial Advisor Magazine

Evan has spent more than 15 years as an editor and reporter covering the financial services industry.

He is a widely recognized expert on personal finance and investments

John Bowen
Chief Executive Officer
& Founder
CEG Worldwide

John is widely recognized as a leader in the financial services industry. Over three decades, John and his team have had the privilege of coaching elite financial advisors to build simple, elegant wealth management businesses that serve their affluent clients extremely well while building lives of significance for themselves, their teams and their loved ones.

Cheryl Holland
Abacus Planning Group

Cheryl consistently appears on top advisor lists such as Barron's Top Advisors, Barron's 100 Top Women Advisors, Financial Times 300.  

George Walper
Spectrem Group

George and his team provide the industry with actionable insights into how investors hire their advisor, their preferred investment solutions, service expectations, and social media usage.

Gordon Bernhardt
CEO & Founder
Bernhardt Wealth

Elite financial advisor providing wealth management to successful entrepreneurs, executives, retirees & their families helping them make informed financial decisions.

Heather O'Donnell
Senior MIS & Project Manager
CEG Worldwide

With over 25 years of IT experience, Heather and her technology team are  dedicated to serving advisors. The combination of proficiency and ingenuity they make available enhances her abilities to serve the growing and rapidly changing needs of the industry.

Jay Abraham
CEO & Founder
Abraham Group

Jay is recognized as one of the world’s most successful and impactful marketing strategists, business innovators, entrepreneurial advisors and mentors, and masters of revenue and performance enhancement and acceleration.

Joe Kuo
Chief Executive Officer
Haven Tower Group

Joe has over 20 years of corporate and financial public relations experience, encompassing both proactive visibility programs as well as communications support for transactional and special situations.

Kimberly Foss
President & CEO
Empyrion Wealth Management

Award-winning advisor, and New York Times bestselling author, Kim is committed to helping her clients make wise investment choices while avoiding costly mistakes in building wealth.

Mindy Diamond
Chief Executive Officer
Diamond Consultants

Consultant. Recruiter. Thought leader. Coach. Trainer. Champion for personal growth and a life of congruence.

Peter Mallouk
Creative Planning

A successful financial advisor as well as a lawyer, Peter has received wide acclaim for his work in the world of wealth management. He is a sought after thought leader on financial topics and is a New York Times bestselling author.  Peter manages $225 billion in assets.

Rick Kent
CEO & Founder
Merit Financial Group

Merit has a particular focus on working with individuals in transition, including divorce, retirement, widowhood, etc. As clients navigate these events in their personal lives, they can rest assured that their advisors and partners at Merit will guide them through the financial implications.

Samantha Russell
Chief Evangelist
FMG Suite

Samantha is passionate helping financial advisors understand digital marketing strategies. There is nothing she finds more inspiring than being able to empower advisors to market themselves effectively.

Steve Gresham
Managing Principal
Next Chapter 

Steve is the managing principal of Next Chapter and Senior Advisor to the Alliance for Lifetime Income. Steve is a successful builder of new ideas. For nearly 40 years, he has been a leader in asset and wealth management, a pioneer of managed accounts and advisor practice management, and is now focused on improving retirement solutions for a historic demographic wave of retiring clients.

Steve Young
Partner, Chairman & Co-founder

HGGC is a leading private equity firm with over $6.8 billion in cumulative capital commitments and oversees portfolio companies that employ more than 70,000 employees globally. 

Steve's professional football career spanned more than fifteen years and he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the first left-handed quarterback to be so honored. 

Susan Theder
Chief Marketing & Experience Officer
FMG Suite

 Susan places an emphasis on the importance of customer-focused strategies that leverage data and technology to deliver personalized and customized experiences that WOW.

She has a passion for helping financial professionals grow and market their businesses and is an active supporter of women and diversity initiatives. 

Suzanne Siracuse
Founder & CEO
Suzanne Siracuse Consulting

Susan specializes in advising financial services firms on innovative business strategies, distinctive marketing programs and impactful advocacy initiatives around diversity, financial literacy, and next gen talent.

An industry thought leader, she is a sought-after speaker, moderator and columnist on topics ranging from marketing and leadership to financial literacy and fintech.

Valerie Chaney
Managing Principal of Coaching
CEG Worldwide

An accomplished leader, influential communicator/presenter and exceptional coach, Valerie has a proven history of expertise in developing meaningful training programs in team development and practice management for world-class organizations in both the public and non-profit sectors.

She has two decades of proven results in the financial, sales, consulting and coaching industries

Cammie Doder
Chief Marketing Officer

Cammie is the Chief Marketing Officer and a partner of Aspiriant. Cammie is also a member of the Executive Committee, National Leadership Team, and co-host of the Money Tales podcast.

Cammie is a marketer at heart, working in a client-centric, fiduciary-focused firm, which means she is a listener, educator and advocate, first and foremost. Cammie is passionate about empowering our current and prospective clients by helping them navigate the murky waters of the industry to make informed decisions about their financial lives.

Stacey McKinnon
Chief Marketing Officer
Morton Wealth

Stacey McKinnon, CFP®, is the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Marketing Officer and a Wealth Advisor at Morton Wealth, an RIA with over $2B in AUM and more than 50 employees. She is passionate about creating environments where employees and clients can thrive and has dedicated her professional career to spreading the message of positive leadership inside Morton Wealth and throughout the financial services industry. The “pursuit of being better” is her personal mantra and is the underlying theme of her papers, podcasts and public speaking engagements.

Daniel Seivart
CEO and Managing Partner
ECHELON Partners

Daniel Seivert is the CEO and founder of ECHELON Partners – one of the leading investment banks and consulting firms to the wealth and investment management industries.  Over his 30-year career, Mr. Seivert has advised on more than 500 M&A assignments, valued over 1,800 companies and evaluated more than 2,000 acquisition targets.  During this time Mr. Seivert has served on the Board of Trustees of Occidental College, and the Boards of AssetMark Investment Services, Direct Capital Markets, and BridgePortfolio. 

Allison Ballou
Elite Advisor Coach
CEG Worldwide

Allison Ballou is committed to helping business professionals and entrepreneurs develop their highest personal, professional and leadership potential. With vast experience in corporate marketing and extensive coach training, she has coached and trained hundreds of individuals ranging from founders of small startups to leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

Your Schedule for
The Preeminent Advisor Summit

Day 1

8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET - 2:00 pm PT/ 5:00 pm ET


George Walper and John Bowen

What the Affluent Really Want from Advisors Now

Research and actionable insights on providing exactly what the affluent are looking for.

Fireside Chat

Evan Simonoff and Peter Mallouk, JD, MBA – President of Creative Planning

Fireside Chat with Evan Simonoff and Peter Mallouk, JD, MBA – President of Creative Planning. 

Creative Planning has $225 billion combined assets under management and clients in all 50 states and abroad.

Fireside Chat

John Bowen and Kimberly Foss - Founder and President of Empyrion Wealth Management

Fireside Chat with John Bowen and Kimberly Foss - Founder and President of Empyrion Wealth Management 

Author of “Wealthy by Design: A 5-Step Plan for Financial Security.”


Susan Theder and Samantha Russell 

FMG Suite 
What Does a Website That Generates Leads Actually Look Like?


Dan Seivert – CEO and Founder

ECHELON Partners 
Industry expert who has authored 22 reports within the wealth and investment management industries.


Mindy Diamond – CEO

Diamond Consultants 
An advisor-first approach, focusing on the needs and goals of advisors who want superior opportunities to serve their clients and grow faster.


Steve Gresham - Managing Principal 

Next Chapter Managing Principal (partners with FA Magazine) and Senior Advisor to the Alliance for Lifetime Income

Old Bull, New Bull 


John Bowen - CEO of CEG Worldwide

Capturing Tomorrow’s Opportunities Today

Accelerate Your Success to Build an Amazing Life of Significance

Day 2

8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET - 1:00 pm PT/4:00 pm ET


Chris Smith - Managing Principal CEG Worldwide

Winning More
Hidden Talent to Becoming
the Go-to Advisor

Advisor Panel 

Moderated by Evan Simonoff 

Cheryl Holland, Founder of Abacus Planning Group

Gordon Bernhardt, CFP®, AIF®, President and CEO of Bernhardt Wealth

Fireside Chat 

Advisor Panel - Moderated by Suzanne Siracuse

Fireside Chat with NFL legend Steve Young and wealth
management CEO Rick Kent

Critical Factors for Success
 Both On and Off the Field


Valerie Chaney, Managing Principal of Coaching CEG Worldwide

Building Your Dream Team

Discover the specific accelerators that will transform your team into a Dream Team.


Joe Kuo and John Bowen

Fireside chat with John Bowen and public relations expert Joseph Kuo. 


Jay Abraham 

The Strategy of Preeminence

When you successfully deploy the strategy of preeminence, you will be seen as the most trusted advisor.

Who Can Attend
The Preeminent Advisor Summit?

It’s vital for you to know that The Preeminent Advisor Summit is not for everyone.

This two-day experience is only for you if you’re willing to:
  • Confront where there are shortcomings in how you work, lead, and live your life
  • Clarify what opportunities and strategic pathways best align with the life you desire
  • Commit to lead your staff, colleagues and close connections to the best of your ability
Anything less than an all-in commitment is a massive disservice to your future.

This is your moment to step out of the crowd and become the advisor, the leader and the person you’re meant to be.

Are you ready to take that next step? Sign up now and save your spot at The Preeminent Advisor Summit.

Who Can Attend The Preeminent Advisor Summit?

At CEG Worldwide, we’ve invested in one of the most impressive online platforms for presenting our virtual events. No, this is not going to be a standard Zoom call. Our presentation platform delivers an extraordinary experience, and comes complete with a Concierge Desk feature, streamlined roundtable experiences with dedicated hosts, and a customized learning experience.
The first detail you will need in order to attend The Preeminent Advisor Summit is your registration.

You will also need a good Internet connection, your computer, a webcam, a good microphone, and a set of earphones or earbuds.
A day or two before the Summit, our team will send you an email with your personalized access link.

If you have any questions or get stuck while trying to access the Summit, you will be able to join the concierge room. We’re here to serve you and help you have an incredible experience at The Preeminent Advisor Summit.

Invest in Your Future with
The Preeminent Advisor Summit

All advisors who want to reach their full potential deserve access to The Preeminent Advisor Summit.

That’s why we’re offering this extraordinary experience at a reasonable cost.

This level of access will allow you to truly invest in yourself and focus on the lessons and resources you will gain during our two days together.

Imagine the Difference Being
the Preeminent Advisor in Your Community
Will Make in Your Life and Work

  • Imagine being the sought-out voice among the advisors in your network and beyond…
  • Imagine having the most data-driven best practices from top advisors serving incredibly affluent individuals worldwide…
  • Imagine what it will be like to embody the quiet confidence of elite-level expertise…
  • ​Picture how good it will feel to rekindle greater connections with the relationships that matter the most to you beyond your day-to-day work…
All it takes is saying “Yes!” to this opportunity. Register now to ensure you have what you need to become the preeminent advisor in your community.


Advisor Ticket
  • Access to all Sessions 
  • Access to Session Recordings for One Year
  • 30-Minute VIP Only Reception
VIP Advisor Ticket 
  • Access to all Sessions
  • Access to Session Recordings for One Year
  • 30-Minute VIP Only Reception
Non-Advisor Ticket
  • Access to all Sessions
  • Access to Session Recordings for One Year
  • 30-Minute VIP Only Reception

  Select the VIP ADVISOR TICKET today to access the entire
Preeminent Advisor Summit and resources for one year.

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