Ready to discover how to make the next 12 months your best year ever? Your mission to Mars will show you exactly how.  
You are about to begin a once-in-a-career experience that will launch your practice higher than you ever thought possible. In this virtual reality journey, you will get the essential best practices of elite wealth managers—those earning net incomes of $1 million or more every year—and the key actions for achieving even greater success. 

Along the way, you will discover first-hand the power of virtual reality to attract, serve and retain more right-fit affluent clients and to access the advanced expertise your affluent clients need to solve their most important financial challenges. And most important of all, you will get a plan customized just for you that will make the next 12 months your best year ever.

Why now? Because there has never been a better time to move upmarket to serve more affluent clients. The explosion in wealth—from all-time stock market highs to skyrocketing real estate prices and climbing business valuations—is causing many wealthy individuals and families to wonder whether they have outgrown their current advisors.  

You see, at CEG Worldwide, we believe that you can build an amazing life of significance by serving fewer, wealthier client extremely well. This mission to Mars will help you do that faster and with less effort that you ever thought possible—in addition to being a lot of fun.

Ready to get started? You first step is to take part in your pre-flight assessment. You will meet via Zoom with a CEG Worldwide elite advisor consultant who will ask you a series of questions about where you are now with your practice and where you want to go.

We will use your answers to develop your Total Advisor Profile—a comprehensive mind map of your business and your life that clearly spells out your biggest opportunities for accelerating your success. We will use your profile to customize your mission to achieve your goals, and a copy of it will be included in your full recommendation report that you will receive after your mission to Mars.

Once your pre-flight assessment is complete and you have qualified for the mission to Mars, it’s time to buckle up, because the countdown begins.
Every astronaut knows that training is essential for a successful mission. To make sure that your own mission is a success, you will watch three short videos.

Not only will these videos prepare you for your trip to our secret research facility on Mars, they will also give you the foundation you need to significantly accelerate your success over the next 12 months.

Please note that you must watch all three videos in full in order to advance in your mission. Once you have done so, we will ship to you your Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality goggles.
Of course, for your mission to be a success, you need the right equipment. So you will receive a set of today’s state-of-the-art virtual reality goggles—the Oculus Quest 2—free of charge. Setting them up is easy and intuitive, but we’ll also give you complete instructions.

Why are we making your virtual goggles complimentary? Because we are committed to helping you accelerate your success over the next 12 months, and because we think you’ll be amazed by the high-quality immersive experience they provide.
You’ll meet with our virtual reality specialist for a pre-flight orientation to ensure that you are ready for launch and that your mission runs smoothly. Your orientation will include a quick familiarization flight to the lobby of our Mars facility.
The big day has arrived. You and your elite advisor strategist will land on the Red Planet for a private tour of CEG Worldwide’s secret research facility. You will get an in-depth view at exactly what the most successful financial advisors are doing right now that enables them to race to the top of the hierarchy of advisor success. Together, you’ll review your Total Advisor Profile and discuss proven strategies that will propel your success even higher. And you’ll get a look at the elite advisor practice of the near future—and how you can make it yours today.
Once you have landed safely back on Earth, you and your elite advisor strategist will meet once more via Zoom for one of the most valuable parts of the experience. You will get three proven strategies that will make the biggest impact on your business—along with tools and guidance for implementing them—to achieve the goals you shared with us. Together, these strategies will give you a clear path forward for accelerating your success over the next 12 months and getting on the fastest possible track to the amazing life of significance you deserve.


What does all this cost?
Your entire mission to Mars—including your pre-flight assessment, your pre-flight training and orientation, the mission itself, your post-flight debrief and your Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality goggles—are all completely free of charge.
Why would you make the mission to Mars free?
One of our goals at CEG Worldwide is to keep advisors on the leading edge of industry trends so that you can respond to attract and serve both your current and future right-fit affluent clients even better. We are seeing that virtual reality will soon play an integral part in client communication and in working with other professionals, and we want advisors like you to get ahead of the curve in building profitable, lasting relationships in this way. The mission to Mars is a fun and easy way to accomplish this. And it’s an excellent way for both of us to explore the possibility of working together in the future. 
How much time will this take?
We have streamlined the mission to Mars to get you safely there and back as quickly as possible so that you can get started on making the next 12 months your best year ever. Here’s what you can expect in terms of time commitment: 
  • ​Pre-flight assessment: 45 to 60 minutes
  • ​Pre-flight video training: 30 minutes
  • ​Pre-flight orientation: 30 minutes
  • ​The mission to Mars itself: 60 minutes
  • ​Post-flight debrief: 45 to 60 minutes
These commitments are typically spread out over a three- to four-week period. This will be one of the highest returns on an investment of time you will ever receive. 
I don’t yet make $200,000 in annual income. Can I still go on the mission?
Unfortunately, no. As much as we would like to take every financial advisor on the mission to Mars, we have to be selective and work only with advisors for whom we can have the greatest impact. However, when you take part in the pre-flight assessment, we will give you a complimentary pass to our next virtual event, whether you qualify for the mission or not. And of course, we will be happy to welcome you on a future mission once your net income exceeds $200,000 per year.
What if I already make more than $1 million per year? Should I still go on the mission to Mars?
One of the things that makes you an elite advisor is your motivation to be highly successful. During the mission, we will share strategies that your very successful peers are using, and it’s very likely you will identify strategies that you can implement yourself to become even more successful.
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