September 15, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET
What if being considered an authority or a thought leader in the financial space should not be your end goal? In fact, many high achievers have been chasing the wrong ball in business ... for years.

People want to become the authority in their field, rightfully so. It’s certainly something to aspire to and be proud of. However, the conversation usually stops at becoming a thought leader. After all, what else is there?
Turns out, you’re just scratching the surface. There is so much more. You have the potential to shift the conversation and accelerate your journey to exponential success far beyond the limitations you have currently—and maybe unintentionally—placed upon yourself.

During this live event, CEG Worldwide and DNA Media are partnering to share with you the new keys to success they’ve discovered. But the formula they will share isn’t exactly new. It has been used by many great leaders in our lifetime (and long before) who have had a lasting impact.  
People like: ​

Winston Churchill, ​Martin Luther King Jr., ​​Oprah Winfrey, ​John F. Kennedy, ​​Florence Nightingale, ​Dave Ramsey
This is just to name a few. You don’t have to like or even agree with any of these people. But they all have three characteristics in common that enable them to have lasting significance and impact. You too can have this kind of impact on those around you.
In this webinar, you'll be given the secrets to:

  • Leverage your very own personal brand in your business, so you can begin attracting clients that WANT to hire you instead of chasing down leads.
  • Go from being invisible to your prospects to a person who is revered by their prospects.
  • And you'll see the 9 strategies that you can implement to achieve this level of success with your personal brand. 
How do you know this webinar is right for you? If you answer any of the following questions with “yes,” you will unequivocally benefit from the information you will get.
  • Has your business growth plateaued?
  • ​Does becoming a thought leader in the financial space feel like a futile pursuit for you?
  • ​Are you and your competitors all doing the same exact things to attract new clients?
  • ​Do you feel like you’re standing on a precipice, but you’re just missing something to help you leap into greatness?
John Bowen, CEO of CEG Worldwide, and Nick Nanton, CEO of DNA Media, will spend 45 minutes spelling out the techniques that will enable you to shift your most important conversations. Rather than chasing leads and trying to prove you’re the advisor that can best help your prospective clients accomplish their goals, they’ll come to you, begging for your assistance. This will be followed by a 15-minute open Q&A session—your opportunity to solidify your understanding of these strategies.

Don’t miss out on discovering a new and innovate way to accelerate your journey to exponential success.
Your Hosts
John is the founder and CEO of CEG Worldwide, the world’s leading coaching firm for financial advisors. For nearly 20 years, Bowen and his team have had the privilege of coaching elite financial advisors on new ways to deliver groundbreaking wealth management solutions to their clients while building amazing lives of significance. Previously, he worked directly with affluent clients as a financial advisor for 26 years.
Nick Nanton, CEO of DNA Media, is an an Emmy® award-winning Director and Producer, who produces media and branded content for top Thoughtleaders® and media personalities around the world. Recognized as a leading expert on branding and storytelling, Nick has authored more than two dozen Best-Selling books, speaks globally on the subjects of branding and storytelling, and has produced and directed more than 50 documentaries, earning 22 Emmy® Awards (and counting!).
How do i register?
Because this webinar is extremely time-sensitive and interactive, it will not be recorded, and so a playback recording will not be available. So, show up and prepare to accelerate your success even more!
LIVE webinar
This online session will be conducted over Zoom, the premier video conferencing platform.

Follow these instructions to ensure a trouble-free experience:
  • You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a speaker or headphones.
  • ​Take a moment to test your ZOOM connection here prior to the session.
  • ​You may be instructed to download the Zoom application. Please complete this step prior to start time to ensure you don’t miss anything, as we will be starting in a timely fashion.
  • ​If you need to dial-in to the session with your phone, please be sure to join the ZOOM meeting room first and then have the system call you.
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